Published Journals
2005  ‘Chance” a monograph published by Fotografique. Curated by Harrob Mullick of Ubos Design.2006 Graphic Designer of "Crossroad" by Mary Frances Lindstrom. Produced for Soros Foundation Kazakhstan.
Articles by Duncan Caratacus Clark
2008 Jan       Image Magazine – “Focus – Nudes – artist selection”.
2008 May      Image Magazine – “Showcase, Lichfield Exhibition, Chris Beetles Gallery”.
2008/9           Image Magazine – “Focus – Fine Art Photography”.
2011 Jan       Image Magazine – “Framing – ‘Striving for excellence”.
2011 May      Pro Photography Magazine – “Framing – Presenting the print”.
Articles about Fotografique
2007 Apr      Digital Photographer Pro Magazine - “Fine Art Photography”.
Articles – Featured Artist – Duncan Caratacus Clark
2006 Feb   Digital Photography Made Easy Magazine - Issue 61. by Emma Cake - Featured Artist.
2004 Sept  Pro Photographer Magazine. "Photo Artistry - Fine Art Photography"
2004 Aug   British Journal of Photography Magazine - "Digital Retailing”.

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